Working round the clock causes trauma, poor health, and stress. No matter what industry you are in, creating a healthy balance between work and personal life is unquestionably essential. But it’s not always easy, especially if your employees are predominantly doing only their job. So, for a business to succeed it is vital that the employees stay happy. Recently, most of the companies have understood this philosophy and are capitalizing more on employee support and welfare schemes. It’s about prioritizing time and energy between professional and personal life. This strategy works and the results are quite incredible. It’s about prioritizing time and energy between professional and personal life. Research says that a lack of balance between personal and work lives has serious consequences. Increased stress affects employees health and productivity. Problems include impaired sleep, stress, diabetes, impaired memory, and heart disease. Poor work-life balance may also cause frustration at work, which results in poor employee retention and dissatisfaction, even amongst the employees who love their career.

You will never feel truly contented in work until you are satisfied in life

This work-life balance training program and work-life balance tools render an unmatched result for the organization. These tools include stress and time management solutions, that help both on the job and off the job.

  • Lowers absence and sickness

    When employees are sick or have not slept well, they will not have the energy or enthusiasm to outshine at their jobs. Happier employees return sooner and will feel happier to return to work if they have an understanding and supportive workplace.

  • Better staff retention

    Salary and benefits packages may drive employees to work but only a happy and positive work environment can let the employees to outperform..

  • Increased productivity

    Employees working throughout the day and at odd hours do not necessarily result in greater efficiency. When it comes to productivity, a satisfied and happy employee can provide 50% more accurate results.

  • Higher employee engagement

    There is a direct association between employee engagement and work-life balance. Employees believe that they who have good work-life balance work 21% harder than those who don't.

  • More profitability

    It is not surprising that work-life balance is synonymous to business profitability. Employees who are physically and mentally healthy take fewer sick leaves and they have better control over their own finances and commit more to work. When employees are happy at work, they are more likely to stay and help the organization to succeed.

  • Less burn-out

    No one can survive in a constant diet of stress. Even the most untiring employee will lose the desire to come into work constantly. In due course, the crazy pace catches up, and when it will end up in either of the choices: go crazy or quit. But, when employees know that the company is flexible and when the company takes extra care for work-life management, they can commit more to their job

Any good business knows that investing in people is one of the most valuable things that an organization can ever do. Business ultimately relies on the talent of the people, so aiding your team to have an engaged and happy work-life balance will help both businesses grow furthermore quickly

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The outcome for any organization from work-life balance soft skills training will be a higher performance from more skilled, responsible and dedicated employees which doubles the productivity. To learn more about our work-life balance, stress and time management sessions, contact Zest today!

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