An elevator pitch is a short, convincing speech that your employees can use to spark the interest in potential clients and investors about your organization. It can also be used to create interest in your project, ideas, products, services and sometimes for your employees. An effective elevator pitch must not last longer than a short elevator ride.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough - Albert Einstein

Elevators pitch must be thought-provoking, unforgettable, and concise. It must also explain about your organization, product and services, and your uniqueness. Such an Elevator pitch will gain you lots of benefits. Here are a few of the major benefits which you and your business will gain from an effective elevator pitch.

  • Captures eyeballs

    Your elevator pitch will act as a buffer, by showing the value of you or your idea in the smallest timeframe ever possible. With an effective elevator pitch, it is easy to attract your clients.

  • Organizes the thoughts

    Having a pre-prepared elevator pitch eases the anxiety of your employees when they have to describe about your organization in a social event or a meeting. It helps to organize their thoughts for a logical sequence.

  • Creates Market

    Investor should like your company and its products & Services before investing. Considering an Elevator Pitch, your team memebers will learn to use appropriate language and vocabulary to impress the client without any fillers.

  • Increases recurring Clients

    When your employees have a pre-prepared elevator pitch, they will be able to present the best. This will definitely impress your potential clients and urges them to make a recurring business.

  • Creates brand image

    When you are asked to give a brief presentation about your organization or product and services in a meeting, it is definitely one of the greatest advantages for your employee to pitch your brand to enhance the brand image.

  • Builds trust

    If your employees are given an exceptional elevator pitch speech, it's obvious that it enhances trust. The audience not only trusts your employees but also gains trust in your product, idea, services and your company as a whole.

Now you know the importance of having an elevator pitch ready, there are a lot of guidelines to consider when putting together an elevator pitch to make it awesome. An elevator pitch speech is definitely an important element for every professional.

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