If you need to raise funding for your start-up, the very first step is to create a pitch deck, which is also known as fundraising deck. A pitch deck is a brief presentation, similar to PowerPoint, that provides investors an overview of your business. Whether you are showcasing your product or sharing your business model or just giving a look into your monetization strategy, or simply introducing your team, a pitch deck will help you out.

A perfect Pitch deck steals the deal

Though a pitch deck runs less than 10 slides, it can always win an investment. Being a budding entrepreneur, this can be incredibly daunting. Yet this task gives so many benefits to your business.

  • Optimized Design

    Preparing a funding deck can be scary, but with the help of the. By focusing on your ideas with design intelligence, make your deck clearer and more convincing. Through organized design, you can attract more investors.

  • Team Collaboration

    For preparing a fund deck and for presenting it, employees work together seamlessly and build presentations together in real time increasing team collaboration.

  • Simple Content Management

    Your team will develop content management skill which will guarantee you with complete brand consistency aiding in raising funds.

  • Detailed Analytics

    The creation of fund-raising deck will help you to generate in-depth sales performance report which can be view activity by the entire team or individual salespeople that can improve business transparency.

  • Gadgets Optimized

    Your Fund-raising deck can also be shared on any device in HD quality with no third-party software making it easy for your capital investors to access your deck from any device.

  • Remote Presentations

    Fundraising deck doesn’t need an issue. Especially zero technical issues. It aids you to give remote customer presentation and control the flow. Thus, there will be no hindrance with technology.

Get powerful behavioural insights through presentation tracking and tailor your follow-up to create a greater impact. The realism, however, is pretty tough for the start-ups for muddling through their content to find out which information, which works for you. If the above is not taken care off, the pitch deck is most likely end up in trash.

Why Choose Us?

However, this can be avoided with a professional pitch deck. Investing time into a great pitch desk is very much important. To help you with this scary team Zest is right here to guide you from scratch. Contact us today!

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