Companies today focus on diverse options for developing their employees' skillset. Some companies offer paid leave to attend training courses, others organize weekend workshops. One of the most common options is offering internal or external training. Some have in-house training programs Unfortunately, it's not as simple as that. Do all your trainers have the technical skills needed and are they up-to-date in technology and training methodology? Your trainers will be taught on how to build a training session or workshop. An internal trainer may know the subject thoroughly, but has that person ever been shown how to build a session? Will you get the best results? Just with handouts or manuals, Can they make the session interactive?

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Each session becomes more meaningful, and have more of an impact, only when the sessions are interactive and informative. Using this tactic, companies can quickly build up a team of instructors, and training initiatives where more employees can be trained in much less time, and at a lower cost. But that is not just all, other benefits include:

  • Permanent Skills Transfer

    By investing in 'Train the Trainer' program, you can ensure that there is always a competent in-house trainer available to follow up with the employees until the new skills become their habit.

  • Avoids Workplace Downtime

    Imagine your business identifies an issue that every single employee needs to be trained. Would the business shut down while your employees are being trained? Very few businesses can pay for the downtime. Having an internal trainer in your organization, training disruption can be avoided completely or downtime can be minimized.

  • Reduce Training Costs

    In-house training done by organizations with a full-time trainer save substantially on the costs of training. In-house training also means that the cost associated with travel, hotel bookings can be reduced, though it can’t be eliminated entirely.

  • Targeted Training

    An in-house trainer understands the organizational ethos, the products, and services and the customer needs. This allows them to create training programs that will reverberate with all their employees.

  • Technical Training

    Being a part of the team, internal trainers can render better training sessions especially when it comes to technical sessions. Every organization has its own unique business process, product, and services. To train the other employees with technology and technical details, the goal of the session can be achieved only with the internal trainers.

  • Improves Employee Retention

    An in-house trainer is taught how to be more flexible and creative, to transfer the knowledge, and to make vague topics interesting. By learning these skills, your in-house trainers can boost employee’s morale, which often helps to reduce employee turnover.

No matter how you look at it, the benefits of training compensate its cost. With Train the Trainer session, businesses can produce and retain a team of industry-savvy, focused trainers and that will definitely help you to boost your employee's productivity.

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