Listening may seem simple, it must be considered as a powerful tool as many business leaders and their employees are considering it as an inevitable skill and are reaping the rewards out of possessing it. Listening will enrich your employee’s workplace relationships, and will improve their productivity. With ‘active listening’, you can turn misunderstandings into positive action. Some benefits associated with actively listening include building trust, improving teamwork, and developing relationships with employees. While recent studies state, most of the employees believe that they have above-average listening skills, but in reality, an average person listens with only 25% of efficiency.

Every good conversation starts with good listening

It is the key to get the most out of a conversation. Active Listening Skills have numerous personal and interpersonal benefits which are as follows

  • Breeds trust

    Effective listening of your employees will breed trust amongst their colleagues, subordinates and with clients. There are two basic elements to plant faith in the hearts of others. Those are active listening and body language. Hence, active listening is the key factor that creates a sense of trust in the speaker’s mind.

  • Improves teamwork

    Team building encourages problem-solving, productivity and trustworthiness. Listening is a critical skill that also involves analysing what someone says. When your team members do not know how to actively listen to feedback from others, it ultimately ruins the progress and productivity of the entire team. While on the other side, with the active listening skills, your team can complete their work well in advance.

  • Forges better relationship

    Good professional relationships come from effective listening during conversations. Relationships would be killed, if your employees concentrates only on projecting their views. Professional relationships need persistence. So does active listening. Active listening bounds to open up the priceless relationships. Additionally, Customer glees can only be achieved through cementing genuine relationships.

  • Enhances productivity

    Through active listening, your employees can grasp and get all the inputs from the message or the instruction. Thus, with high clarity of the message, it can help them to complete the tasks on time or sometimes prior in advance, enhancing the productivity.

  • Less stress at workstations

    Proactive listening lessens the stress, especially at work. Your employees will not be bugged with imaginary emotions because through active listening they know what they are supposed to do.

  • Minimize distractions

    Effective listening skills give your employees a complete understanding of the speaker's note. It gives a lot more transparent picture of the whole scenario. When the employees understand their role in a project, they will be least distracted. Thus with proactive listening skills, your employees can work in a distraction-free zone.

Active listening is the key to get the most out of a conversation and it has numerous personal and interpersonal benefits. Many workplace chaoses happen because of misinterpretations and half-baked communications. Effective listening gives a complete understanding of others point of view and creates a fruitful solution. As a result, employees can carry less stress and the organisation can reap more productivity.

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