Every human has an inborn fascination with storytelling. It commences early in life when every parent fascinates their young children with bedtime stories. Nowadays, storytelling has emerged as a prominent trend in the business world as well. Television commercials, animated promotional videos often use a story angle to position products and services. Companies tap the digital media with the optimism of going viral with storytelling as the main part of their content marketing strategy. Weaving a story is not just for businesses. The art of storytelling has become an important element of employees as well. Employees who have the capability to develop a compelling storyline have a better chance of convincing a customer. Positioning yourself within the framework of a story can be an important part of a business.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story. Storytelling involves narrating a tale to the audience through voice and gesture.

There are a few benefits your organization can harvest with employees who are super strong in storytelling.

  • Builds emotional connectivity

    Human brains reacts to the stories with psychological reaction. When your employee narrates your products and services with a story, the words and the feel will let your customers to take emotional decisions of buying your products or services. So, to hit the emotional decision making, your sales and marketing team must be strong with storytelling skills.

  • Grabs attention

    Stories grabs the ultimate attention because they continuously create and release tension. The reason this works so well is that our brains crave for certainty and closure. The longer you are customers are immersed in a story, the more you will make them empathize with your product and services. By this way, it helps in creating new customers.

  • Boosts memorability

    We simply recall stories better than others. In fact, messages delivered as stories can be up to 22x more recallable than just facts and information. When your team is expertise in storytelling, they can catch up to the way customers actually make decisions.

  • Business development

    For every idea, there is a story. Thus, when developing a new product or while growing your business to the next level, your executives must use storytelling to the best effective way. Business development requires more than a problem-answer approach. As business development creates long-term value for an organization and customers, it's important that all your business executives are trained with storytelling skills.

  • Boosts marketing and advertising

    When your employees are strong enough in storytelling, it should be effectively used in your marketing campaigns. Customers wish to connect with businesses and brands. Thus, advertising needs to be more than just cheap tactics such as flashy pictures, and graphics. Simple story-based ads attract customers over expensive action-driven ads. This can be achieved only if your employees have good storytelling skills, as it goes beyond advertising.

  • Creates a brand image

    When your products and services have a story, customers will easily recognize your brand. As already mentioned, messages delivered as stories can be up to 22x more recallable than just facts and information. When you have employees with excellent storytelling skills, your customers identify your brand. When your team creates a story, and people will start caring about employees, business and, in turn, about your product or service.

But it doesn’t just stop with creating a story. You need to keep it consistent across all channels, ads, social media, content, vision, website, and most importantly, your employees. To succeed in the business world, it’s not enough to simply have a product or a service that solves an issue. It’s never been as important to be creative as it is now.

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