Body language is the most powerful tool used by leaders. Employees must unleash their "hidden talent” to leverage to the positions of power and make themselves more confident and smarter. The saddest part is that, for most of the employees, this is just vice versa. They lack the idea to understand their own or someone's gesture. An employee’s confidence and ability to perform a job will clearly replicate through their body language and how one composes themselves. Positive body language and self-confidence are interconnected. If an employee is armed with the required skills and asks the right questions, it would be clearly visible through his / her body language

Body Language is more influential than words

Adequate preparation and training are crucial to carrying the right body language. Below mentioned are some of the constructive results of effective body language that lead to professional and businesses success

  • Displays focus and interest

    In a conversation, the speaker would like to know if your team is listening. The speaker might be a colleague, customer or manager. Usage of non-verbal signals like nodding, maintaining eye contact and facing the speaker is clear body language of active listening. The body language of your employees shows that if they are engaged in the conversation.

  • Influences People

    A positive body language with your team will extremely influence people especially customers, when your employee’s facial expression carries a smile and positivity. Those positive signs will create a healthy environment for both customers and co-workers.

  • Frames the mental processes of communication

    The mental process of communication is always framed by the body language. The flow of words must match with the gestures to make communication meaningful.

  • Accelerates the flow of speech

    While conversing, the message becomes active only when your employees communicate with gestures predominantly with the hand movements. Gestures are fundamentally linked to speech and can power up the thought process.

  • Reducing wastage of time

    Non-verbal communication, especially body language reaches the receiver very fast. For this reason, it reduces the wastage of valuable time of the co-workers, clients and your team.

  • Reduces vagueness and impreciseness

    Non-verbal communication is vague and imprecise as this type of communication does not use words or language which express clear meaning. But it is not complex to master this skill with proper body language training sessions. Thus, by mastering body language skills, your employees can reduce the vagueness and impreciseness of non-verbal communication

Body language session helps your employees to take control and helps in influencing with their own body language. It also provides them with an insight into how to read and respond to the signals being sent out by the very people you are communicating, negotiating or simply living with.

Why Choose Us?

Body Language training teaches your employees on how to recognize the body language of others. It also helps them in becoming more aware of what their own body is communicating. They will learn how to read facial expressions, hand gestures, body posturing, voice variations, and unconscious movements. If you are looking for some experts to enhance your team’s body language? Zest is right here to help you!

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